Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sober Elegance

Rogier Bosschaart / L'uomo Elite photographed by Hilary Walsh
for latest Italian Style magazine.

Serge, etc.

So Chic #14 - PARIS Issue / Winter 08-09
Model: Adrien Brunier @ Banans

While I'm watching these fine editorials,
both published in SoChic magazine,
I think that photographer Pablo Arroyo
definitely knows how to represent
male beauty in his shots.
I'm in love with the first one,
clearly inspired by Serge Gainsbourg.

So Chic #13 - ART Issue / Fall 08
Models: Michael S. and Tobias S @ Elite - Eddie T. and David F. @ Fashion
- Rodrigo @ Why Not - Helge G. and Gerhard @ Beatrica
- Jonathan H. , Pierce H. and Lucien @ D Men

Photo Credits : So Chic Magazine

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Diseño Para La Felicidad

This nice editorial was in February issue of the always interesting Neo2 magazine.
Models: Paula, Olga, Tamara @ IMG - Kara @ Elite Model - Adrian W., Rene @ Request
- Thais, Adam @ Ford Models - Xiya Xu @ Muse
Photos: by Jeff Olson

A Decorative Fable

In a romantic mood
Photography: Greg Lotus
Styling: Danny Santiago
Magazine: Vogue Pelle Jan/Feb 2009